In honor of Ray Eames' centennial, IBM and the Eames Office are pleased to introduce Minds of Modern Mathematics iPad app, an interactive history of mathematics originally conceived by the legendary design team Charles and Ray Eames as part of their groundbreaking IBM-sponsored exhibition, Mathematica: A World of Numbers...and Beyond.
Millenium view
Get a bird's-eye view of the entire history of math, including the explosion of discoveries in recent times.
Century view
See the rich interplay of ideas between contemporary mathematicians, culture and history.
3D Chronological view
Step through the entire timeline, one object at a time.
Mathematician profiles
Discover each mathematician through a high-resolution portrait, detailed personal biography, achievements, related artifacts and links to online information resources.
Explore more than 500 high-resolution images of artifacts selected and painstakingly retouched from the original Mathematica exhibit.
Original poster
View a fully navigable, ultra high-resolution version of the original Men of Modern Mathematics poster that has been proudly displayed in mathematics departments and classrooms around the world.
Eames mathematics films
Watch nine original Eames educational films, experiencing these master educators' genius at making complex topics easy to understand.

Did you know? Facts and more inside the application:
The first French Pope, Pope Sylvester II, was accused of wizardry because of his scientific interests. He learned Hindu-Arabic numerals, and wrote on the abacus and other mathematical subjects.